Delta 11-990 12" Bench Drill Press

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Product Description -- A great fit in any serious home workshop, Delta's bench drill press combines safety and versatility with industrial-grade durability for long life. Featuring five speeds from 620 to 3,100 rpm, the 1/3-horsepower induction motor runs coolly and quietly off standard 115-volt outlets. With a 2-3/8-inch stroke length, a tilting cast-iron work plate, and an adjustable depth stop for repetitive drilling, this tool lends itself to a variety of applications. Its 34-inch total height makes this press welcome on tables and benchtops even where ceilings hang low. We were impressed Delta had the foresight to build a removable on/off switch to prevent injury to curious little hands. Though set on a sturdy cast-iron base, the entire press weighs only 78 pounds, so you can comfortably pick it up and move it out of the way if you ever have to rearrange your tool collection.

From the Manufacturer -- Step up to more power and capacity with this 12-inch bench drill press. It has a 1/3 horsepower, industrial, induction motor for long-lasting, smooth performance. With five speeds, it allows you to drill into a wide variety of materials from wood to plastic to metal. Changing speeds is a simple matter of changing the arrangement of the belts on the pulleys in the drilling head. The inside of the pulley cover has a convenient chart that not only recommends a speed based on the hole size and material, but also diagrams how to set the proper speed. Angled drilling is no problem with the tilting cast iron table. Slots in the table provide adhering points for clamps, vises, and auxiliary fixtures. A two-inch stroke length allows drilling deep holes without re-positioning the table and workpiece. The adjustable depth stop makes drilling multiple holes to the same depth a breeze. Mounting holes in the base allow the unit to be bolted to a bench, or to an optional universal stand. Two-year limited warranty on machines, parts, and accessories. Includes drill press, chuck key, and instruction manual.

A wonderful addition with the power you need! -- Just got this one for home and have already used put it to good use. So far, I've drilled holes ranging from 0.025" up to 1" and have loved the ease by which you can make adjustments. Table height is easy to set (wish they'd move that locking lever a little away from the shaft so that big hands can rotate it). Belts are easy to change around. Drill depth is easy to set (although the scale is confusing at first). Smooth feed with good drawback. Nice startup, and a quiet hum. The thing was also easy to put together. The chuck is not the best (not fully concentric or something, doesn't grab drill bits as tight as it should) and I will probably replace it at some point. And like all drill presses,(listen up Human Interface guys at Delta), this one lacks a place to handily keep the chuck key!!! Once out of the box, I immediately drilled a hole in the plastic cover and affixed a make-shift chuck-key holder. Also...the safety key (for the power switch) should have a home on the device (which it does not). Regardless....a fine, fine tool, well worth the money!


Another Quality Tool From Delta -- I have been very pleased with my Delta 12" Bench Drill Press. All things considered: price, quality, warranty, ease of use and value---this is a GREAT BUY! There are (3) ways to mount this tool: bolt it to a bench-top; mount it on the optional universal stand (Delta model 50-330, which will adapt to a mobile base also) or keep it portable, by mounting it to a 16x20" piece of 3/4-inch plywood, the minimum the factory recommends. It IS pretty heavy (80 lbs.) for a "bench-top" model, but it's also designed to be rugged. So don't be afraid to lug it around.
The features, like adjustable depth stop, tilting work table, auto return after boring, etc., you would expect to find on a more expensive, bigger floor model, and are a pleasant surprise to get at this price. The speeds are pretty easy to change, with a chart built into the motor lid, showing types of material and recommended speeds. Delta's directions for using and assembling this tool are clear and correct, too---a big plus for me, since this is the first and only drill press I've owned.
The only curious thing about this was the factory-listed accessory vise, which Amazon included when I purchased mine. The instructions show it mounting up fine to the work tsble, with the slots provided mating the diagonal slots in the table...only trouble is, THIS drill press has PARALLEL slots, not DIAGONAL! ...And they're spaced a good two inches WIDER than the ones on the vise!! You can still use the vise okay with a pair of clamps, but you have to wonder what the designer was smoking when THIS one was drawn up....
Still, this drill press works like bigger, more expensive ones, and it's a terrific bargain for a weekend handyman like me!!

Delta 11-990 12" Bench Drill Press -- I purchased the Delta 11-990 drill press for small commercial shop use about two months ago because of very limited space and previous experience with a similar model. The newer model DP300 was temporarily out of stock and the distributor was offering a discount on the 11-990 because technically this model is two years old, even though both have exactly the same specifications. They are the low priced "Shopmaster" grade, manufactured in China, supposedly at Delta owned facilities. The drill press came with a tool tray and magnetic mount worklight. The tool tray was unnecessary for me, so it went in the recycle bin to be reincarnated. The worklight is much more useful when stuck to a 4-11/16" square junction box cover and hung from a hook on the pegboard at the edge of the workbench than on the drill press itself. I have this drill press mounted to a mobile base I made from a Makita 2703XL table saw stand, 3/4" plywood and 2" locking swivel casters. This works great because it gives the proper height and stability for safe operation and it doesn't take up valuable bench space.
The 11-990 was easy to assemble and even came with the bolts to mount it to a stand. The thick oily coating on the parts wiped off cleanly with a rag dipped in regular paint thinner.
I cleaned the spindle and chuck taper bore with acetone before mounting the fully opened chuck with a wood block and mallet and have had no problem with the chuck falling off while in use. The chuck is not a Jacobs or other name brand but the geared collar turns easily by hand without binding for initial bit insertion before tightening with the key. Runout is minimal and I have had no problem with bits slipping in the chuck jaws after tightening.
The drill press runs smoothly and quietly with no vibration or spindle chatter. The motor is a 1/3HP, 1720 RPM, capacitor start.
Delta says the maximum hole size in steel with an HSS bit is 3/8" but I have used it on several occasions to drill 1/2" holes in 3/8" thick mild steel plate in low speed [620 RPM] without stalling or any sign of motor overheating. It has also been used with a 1-1/2" spade bit to bore holes in 2X and a 3-1/2" hole saw in 1X and 3/4" plywood. Changing the five belt positions is simple and only requires loosening one thumbscrew. The speed range is 620-3100 RPM.
The table swivels 360-degrees and tilts somewhat easily by removing the locking pin and loosening a 3/4" hex bolt. Rockler sells a ratcheting handle for about five dollars that supposedly fits this table and replaces the bolt, eliminating the need for a 3/4" socket wrench. I think I will probably try it.
The 4" Delta 20-622 vise is also a nice accessory if you drill metal frequently. I have it permanently mounted to the table with 1/2" bolts at a slight angle to the chuck.
Overall, I feel the 11-990 is a good value. For less than two hundred dollars, it seems surprisingly well made and should be able to meet the demands of most small shop or home use.

You better check your manual -- I am impressed with this drill press. I think it operates very well. It is quite and smooth during operation. I agree with one review that the light is a good idea, but it slides and won't stay in place. The others that commented and said that everything is loose, "You better check your manual" you must have done something wrong.

You Get What You Pay For -- I purchased this unit a few months ago, I'm not happy with it. Like so many recent reviews of Delta products, the quality just isn't there any more. My biggest grip is the chuck. I followed the direction to the letter and the first time I use it, the chuck fell off. It destroyed the piece of wood I was working with as well as the bit before I could turn the drill off. I had to replace the chuck because it was bound up after. I spent the $$ (...) to buy a good one from another company. This is my last Delta product!

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